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Time Share Merchant Processor

Merchant Account for timeshare advertising, resale, rentals, deed transfer. No matter what business you are in today, you need a strong presence online. And this online presence does not stop with just a website or a few advertisements on some associated sites. One needs to be in a position to conduct business online. Conducting a business involves getting customers, advertising and also processing payments. Today, everyone is moving away from cash payments to card payments. With the onslaught of the smartphones, everyone is paying through their phones and does not even have the requirement to take their card with them.

Time Share Merchant Accounts

When you process payments online, you need a virtual terminal that is reliable and quick. No customer is going to wait online for the payments to process. With the high level of competition today, if your website is not user friendly and takes too much time, they will move on to another website. This results in a loss of business for you. The merchant account providers are those who provide you secure terminals, and enable you to process payments even during a card not present or no signature situation. This is because when you make payments online, you cannot ask your customer to produce the card or sign.

The risk involved is very high here as one can make such payments with a stolen car. In such cases, if the payment is made and then a case is filed, the transaction will be cancelled, requiring chargebacks. It is because of this uncertainty, such businesses are classified as high risks, by banks and other merchants.

Dont Be Denied, Closed, or Shutoff

When you are in the business of timeshare, advertising or resale, you are aware of the number of transactions that happen on a daily basis. During good business days, you will have multiple payments to be processed. When the market is bad, you will have cancellations and this puts you in a fix for ensuring the payments are not cancelled to an effect that your business suffers a loss. This is where we can help. We have multiple underwriting banks that are ready to enable us to provide good merchant accounts to help your business grow. One can never force a client to go on a vacation if the weather takes a turn for the worse. In such cases, cancellations are bound to happen and you need to process the payments accordingly.

We are aware that in a timeshare business, you are bound to have multiple billing and recurring billing that are processed on a monthly or a quarterly basis. Our system is equipped to send reminders as required and process these payments be it a Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Amex. We even facilitate check drafting and ACH Processing/Check Processing. Whether your customer uses his computer or smartphone to make payments, we can provide Iphone/Droid Mobile Apps to make it easier for them.

How to Apply and Be Approved

The application process is very simple and straight forward. There are no setup fees and no application fee. All you will have to do is call up our friendly executives and give your requirements. They will set up a meeting with you to analyze your business and the industry you are in. Rates vary by startup vs. history and high risk vs. low risk. This is because when you are a startup/business yet to be established, the risks involved are higher. People are yet to start trusting you and hence business is expected to be slow and unpredictable. When we sign up for a percentage of the card payments you receive we are undertaking the risk of you not receiving sufficient card payments. The rates differ to cover such risks on our side.

Rolling Reserve Requirements

There is no Rolling Reserve Requirements for established merchants with history and our portals can process the payments without a card or signature. The gateway setup is very simple and straightforward. This will not take much of your time, hence enabling you start receiving payments in a very short while.

New Business and Startups Welcome

When yours is a new business, you need everything to go right. With the high level of competition in the market, you cannot afford to have glitches in the payment portals. While many banks are not ready to provide such services, we are ready to take the risk for the development and growth of your business. We believe you have put in enough effort and thought to start this business and with the right support you can achieve your dreams and goals. We are here to ensure you have the right support to start transacting, so that you can see your business grow as you intended. Many businesses need presence in various locations. When you are planning to reach a wider market or operate from some other country as it is more beneficial, you need an offshore merchant account. We can provide that too for a fee and this can be discussed and finalized when you speak to our representatives. When you are planning to provide a good vacation for your clients, we are here to ensure your business is well supported from the backend to go ahead with such intentions.