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Payment Processing for Call Center Business

Walk the Extra Mile in Delivering Value to Telemarketing Merchant Account. Every business communication happens with the usage of an important tool for communications today-The Telephone, small or large companies use it in the most effective way to their own benefits. Telemarketing includes providing and selling services, to existing as well as potential customers. Both Inbound and Outbound telemarketing add advantage to the business. Whether your telemarketing call center is inbound or outbound, the need for payment acceptance mechanism is essential. The specialization of High Risk telemarketing merchant account is essential for:

  • Credit card Processing & Recurring Billing Systems
  • E-check payment processing solution
  • E-check payment processing solution
  • ACH & guarantee check services for online check payment system
  • Offshore account services
  • Telephone order merchant account services.
  • Good payment gateway-It acts as an intermediary your online merchant account and E-commerce website.
  • A virtual terminal

The merchant account works as a temporary bank account which holds the payments from the customers before they are deposited in the company’s bank account. Gone are the days when waiting for the customers check and then get credited in to your bank account. The plastic card as it is in form-credit cards have literally replaced the, at times cumbersome job of walking into a store and pay for things. Even the necessity of being in the same geographical location is done away with. Online merchants, online products and services rule the world today.

High Risk Merchant Account

Being into the service of telemarketing having a merchant account is must for the ease of doing business for customers as well as the online merchants. This completely automated service is essential from the point of receiving the card details till the fund gets transferred into the account. It is quite an uphill task for an outbound company to get a merchant account as they are always assumed to carry high risk businesses. Same goes for an inbound company as they struggle to get merchant account services, with higher rates charged.

Ecommerce Internet Online Merchants

Online merchants are labeled as high risk and the company’s applications are rejected or accepted by banks measuring the risk involved as the major stumbling blocks are lot of chargeback’s due to customer dispute. A good merchant account with specialized services at affordable rates and fees, with extra perks is all that you need for a business to prosper. The essential services which online merchant look for:

  • Credit card processing services
  • Merchant cash advances
  • Online payment assistance
  • Virtual terminals and payment gateway should allow major cards like Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Amex
  • Help in building sales for the business by allowing processing credit card transactions even at a high-risk status.
  • Quick and free online application
  • Fast approval
  • Unlimited processing volumes
  • Compliant payment gateway or protect customer data.
  • Domestic and Offshore merchant account solutions
  • Good customer support to handle merchant queries.
  • Option to control the operation with mobile apps is an added advantage.

Inbound/Outbound Telemarketing Company

Even though it is a multibillion dollar industry the risk of being classified as a high-risk status due to extraneous factors give a challenging task for them to thrive in the industry whether inbound or outbound as:

  • Lot of chargebacks are associated with it
  • Customer’s credit card information is shared over the phone which is very risky.
  • The percentages of unsuccessful transactions are high most of the times.

Startup & New Companies Welcome

To make sure that you are able to secure the best merchant account for your company needs, it is important to understand what features and services are required for the startup/new business. Banks are keen to know the transaction history for the underwriters to approve the applications which could be a challenging task. However, with a new wave of startups coming around many merchant account providers are instilling confidence on the new business.

Dont be Shutoff, Declined, Closed, Denied

The risk of taking businesses that have high chargeback is not willingly done by companies like PayPal or First Data. This could be also due to the event of the credit card processing company shut off or have closed the business account. In such a situation it is best to choose a merchant service provider who will help in getting the merchant account as well as setting up a payment gateway and the risk of account shut off is mitigated. There are merchant services that help in dealing with terminated merchant accounts.

Most of the services offered are for domestic setup for the telemarketing business which is much more convenient and comes at a cheaper rate, and offers a better security. However, in some cases, having an offshore merchant account is the only option. While offshore accounts cost more, they are more easily available for several high-risk businesses such as telemarketing. The need of the hour is not only providing merchant account but also help in running it perfectly and successfully.