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Smoking Accessories Credit Card Processor

Opening Merchant Accounts for Smoke Shops, and Online E-Commerce Retail Locations is Easy Now! Smoke shops, and head shops or any tobacco related trading businesses that sell products like drug paraphernalia, glass pipes, bubblers, water pipes, smoking pipes, hookahs, dabbers, dab equipment may find it not only very difficult to procure licenses but also find it difficult to open a merchant account for any of their e-commerce ventures. This is a rather tricky business to deal in, because many tobacco related businesses are seen as high-risk and are usually side stepped by traditional banking institutions and credit card processors. If you run a tobacco-related business, or have a start-up in this high-risk category, and wish to open a merchant account to ease out the process of accepting payments, then we can assist you in many ways.

Opening an account from an institution such as ours who deal essentially with high-risk businesses ensures the following advantages:

  • Gives flexibility in accepting payments from standard cards like Visa, MasterCard, Amex etc.,
  • Our group offers safe payment gateways for online transactions and thus ease out the possibilities of doing business by accepting different payment methods.
  • We also offer ACH processing and check processing, help in check drafting.
  • The team ensures complete and friendly business support.
  • If you are a startup business selling online/ecommerce shopping site with no processing history there are both minimal reserve requirements as well as nominal rolling reserve requirements options to choose from. Minimal reserve requirements simply imply that the account holder must have a minimum amount in his account at any given time irrespective of the transactions. And rolling reserve requirements means that we withhold a minimum percentage/ ratio of your volume of daily transactions and periodically release it according to our policy schedule.
  • We charge zero application fees.
  • Our account transaction fees and charges are very reasonable.
  • We offer virtual terminals when card is not presented for physical swiping.
  • Billing and recurring billing help as per business requirements will also be offered.
  • We offer the facility of multiple underwriting banks, because we do understand that when a bank withholds its payment processing activities it can be very cumbersome to run high-risk retail businesses.
  • We offer both offshore as well as domestic merchant accounts
  • We offer reliable credit card processor services for smoke accessories, glass pipes, rolling papers, bongs, bubblers, tobacco related businesses which have been shut-off or denied by other traditional payment processing institutions. We offer many e-commerce solutions to our clients who look for safe online payment processing and payment gateways.
  • Our customer service team is available 24/7. You can shoot us a mail and we will respond immediately.

Our account services for high risk businesses are quite simple and because we know the complications of opening tobacco related businesses and related e-commerce ventures, we are here to extend support and solutions to assist start-ups as well as established players.

Domestic/USA & Offshore Merchant Accounts

Traditional banking and financial institutions usually reject merchant account applications for high risk businesses especially if they are online ventures. The rates, and fee charges are different for domestic and offshore accounts, and the former usually has lower rates and better security than the latter. Though offshore merchant accounts are slightly expensive than the domestic accounts, our rates are very competitive. And whatever the type of accounts, we offer encrypted data protection services, and ensure protection from fraud and high- level security.

But, we do understand that as high-risk businesses also require offshore accounts, we help setup payment gateways for them as well. Our rates and services are flexible and affordable and we offer a one-stop solution for accounts for many types of high-risk businesses and their e-commerce ventures. Our reserve requirements are simple and help us to manage the many risks associated with this line of business and protect the merchants as well from cumbersome chargebacks and potential losses.

We understand fully the need for painless payment processing and hence our processes and solutions are completely client friendly and tailored to suit the different requirements of the many high-risk businesses we cater to.

Start-ups and Established Businesses

We help start-ups as well as established players in the head shops business. The rates and charges are competitive. Start-ups may not have very high budgets. We understand this and offer affordable, easy merchant account set-ups for new businesses in this industry. Our team helps start-ups to setup shop. But we do require the necessary legal documentation, corporation documents, website details, current processing statements (for established players). As per the established players in this business we are willing to underwrite (case by case consideration), if their credit ratings are good or even fair/ average.

If you have been denied or shut-off by other traditional payment processors, we can offer you a one-stop solution for different types of merchant accounts that can cater to your many requirements and be of assistance in expanding your business seamlessly. We fully understand that for any business to thrive and expand creditable business practices along with flexible, secure, professional and reliable financial practices, which we strive to provide to our clients.