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Online marketing businesses are the key to needing a high risk merchant account. The internet has created a huge impact on the masses. So, we now find the internet to be a popular platform to help businesses do their marketing better. Every company looks for advertising and marketing services and outsources a major chunk of their work to the telemarketing services. But not all of them are ready to support the merchant account for these businesses.

Telemarketing & Call Center Merchant Accounts

Some of the credit card processors and banks would consider online merchants as high risk businesses. Ironically the online processing of payments would be the most important part of an online business. This is why you need to be backed up by a reliable high risk merchant account provider. Card not present cases are considered to be high risk in general. And this would be more like an everyday situation for online merchants. If you are lucky you might be able to find a normal credit card processor that would help to cater your telemarketing business’ merchant account. But then you might end up paying high rates for the account. And you might also be put through a very long application approval process where a deep background check is done so as to study your credit history. And finally there are chances of being rejected an approval. Or in the worst case, there are scenarios where the companies would be put to risk at a later stage. What happens is that some credit card processors would accept the high risk business initially and if there is a situation where there is a large chargeback, you might have your account frozen. So you would then have to undergo a tedious process to get back on track and then the hunt for a account provider begins again. This time, having been shut out by the previous merchant processor, your business would then be put in the higher risk category.

Don't be Denied, Shut Off, Closed or Declined

You cannot simply function without a merchant account as the banks rejected your requests. High risk accounts are now a reality and these are too good to be true for such high risk businesses. Even if your business would be at risk when the terminated merchant file is used to check the background with a high risk merchant account you would be in safe hands.

New Businesses Startup Companies Approved

Though telemarketing, Web Design, Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization industries might not explicitly look like high risk they still have a lot of dependencies. And if your business has recently been launched then you might notice that most of the credit card processors would immediately reject your application for the accounts. But then high risk merchant accounts are startup friendly and they do not pay attention to the credit history. So even if your search engine promotion company, web design firm, internet marketing agency, telemarketing business has had a poor credit performance this high risk merchant account would be beneficial for you. When an account is denied there would also be difficulties in various funding options. It can cause serious troubles for the new businesses and especially when they plan to branch out or scale the business.

High Risk Merchant Account for Web Design & SEO

For the highly volatile industries and the ones with bad credit scores nothing can be as convenient and economical as a high risk merchant account. You would have no setup fees and no application fees to worry about. The online application process would require some basic information to get your going. The process would be complete in a short duration and the approval rates are impressive. You also get easy online payment terminals and gateway setup assistance to make things simpler. The rates would be much lower than that being offered for a similar account by some of the most popular banks.

Even after opening the account you can be assured of getting the best support from the team to sort out any issues down the lane. And even when there are unexpectedly large chargeback’s you would be covered as there are multiple underwriting banks supporting your high risk merchant account.

Domestic USA & Off Shore Options

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing between domestic and offshore merchant accounts. Some simply stick with domestic accounts and settle down for the lower rates. But if according to the local legislations a domestic merchant account would be difficult to acquire, you can choose a convenient offshore account in a region. You would also be able to include multiple currency processing facilities without any hassle. But keep in mind that the processing time as well as the terms of the merchant account for an offshore option might vary slightly from that of a domestic account. So weigh the benefits of both and choose one that suits your business the best.