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Payment Gateway for Herbal Supplements

Merchant Account for Herbal Supplements, Botanicals, Kratom, Kava Kava, HCG Drops/Weight Loss. Merchant Accounts for Herbal Remedies and Natural Products at Low rates.

It is surprising that while people are rediscovering the goodness of herbal and natural products, but financial companies are not willing to provide credit facilities of a merchant account to them easily. Most banks shy away from this sector, though the market is very huge. There are many safe and naturally manufactured products that can be used for various ailments and as supplements. But the agencies do not approve the sale of these products as they do not have all the information about their properties. Similarly, the financial agencies feel that there are many chargebacks and therefore the company becomes a risky proposition.

Merchant Account High Risk Provider

There are some companies that are ready to provide the facility of merchant account to such high risk companies. They realize that every company needs to have a provider as most transactions take place online now. They need the account with the entire spectrum of facilities for accepting all the online payments when the credit card is not even present and this is another scenario that credit card companies find risky.

We are a merchant services company and can help you open a account through a simple procedure and that too without a set-up fee or application fee. If you are selling these products, whether, in huge amounts as a whole-seller or a retail seller to consumers, we provide all the help to set up a merchant account and help you at every step. We help to set up the virtual terminals for payment and the setup is compatible with all the gateways like Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix, Magento, BigCommerce, NMI,, USAEPAY, Volusion, and 3DCart.

Denied/Shutoff/closed by Credit Card Processor

Companies like First Data, PayPal, Square, Stripe will shut off or close a merchant account selling herbal remedies, weight loss products, sleep aids, HGH, HCG, Kratom and Kava Kava. Due to being considered risky, most banks would deny your request for opening the merchant account. Similarly, the biggest card processing companies may decline or close your account or ask for exorbitant rates to maintain the account. They also ask for a higher rolling reserve to combat the chargeback’s. We understand that chargebacks are normal in the products that you are selling online. So, we create a system that maintains a proper reserve but not so high that it disrupts the regular payments and receipts and financial condition of a company. But we provide the accounts at very competitive rates and less reserve amounts. In addition, the customers can pay through all the credit or debit cards, like Visa,MasterCard, Discover, and Amex.

Solutions for Start-up/New Business

We realize that a new company has more hiccups and financial constraints before it can establish itself in the market so we help them as much as possible. A newly established company needs to realize their payments and receipts promptly. So, we provide the facilities of ACH Processing/Check Processing and Check Drafting. So, that you do not have to wait till you go to a bank to deposit the cheque. You can complete the process of depositing the cheques through the online system. We also help by keeping no rolling reserve criterion. So, you do not have to worry about any amount of payment being declined due to the reserve limits.

For a new business or for high risk business proposal, many banks refuse a full spectrum of facilities on their merchant account. They stop the facilities even if one payment is delayed. Therefore, we ensure that all the accounts are serviced by many gateways and all payments happen very smoothly. Customers are encouraged at every step to make online payment and more positive transactions result in a better reputation and good credit rating for a new business.

Domestic USA Processor & Offshore Options

Though a account opened with a domestic bank is cheaper and safer. But many high risk accounts need to have an account in off-shore locations, due to regulatory blocks. As a service provider, we help you in such cases also. We help you to open an off shore account and also if you are an off shore company but want to have an account to deal with the domestic customers. We can help you in both scenarios.

If you have a merchant accounts for dietary supplements,then you need to consider many aspects of payments. We help you to set up gateways that accept payment in the absence of card and signature of the customers as they are transacting online. This encourages more clients to pay immediately through the virtual payment methods. We do not increase the rates even if you have more chargeback claims.

Great Customer Service and Follow Up

We also realize the financial constraints faced by companies when they are trying to establish themselves in the corporate world. We ensure that their payments are backed by many banks underwriting the financial risks. This makes sure that even if one bank stops payments for any reason, the payments still go through and the company does not feel any hardships.

You will be amazed by the services provided by us. Apart from setting up your account with ease and without charges, our friendly and competent customer service guides you at every step of your business.If you are just starting a business in the health supplement industry, then contact us and find out more about how we can assist you a merchant account.