High Risk Credit Card Processing Solutions

As a retailer, you understand that every transaction is critical. Not only is it a sale, but it is also an opportunity to create and strengthen a customer relationship.

HighRisk Payment Service understands that every high risk company, ecommerce seller, internet shopping cart, consulting service or retailer is different. You have different needs and different challenges. We work with you and your high risk business situation to gain a thorough understanding of your business, and then develop payment processing solutions for your retail point of sale and beyond.

Regardless of whether you operate a clothing store, salon, automotive shop, or mall kiosk, your customers want the flexibility that comes with a variety of payment choices. And if you are a high risk company that sells products or services such as smoke shops, glass pipes, bongs, vitamins and health products, herbal creams or lotions, mmj, cannabis, cbd or pharmacy products we can integrate with your Shopping Cart platform API. If you offer 'high risk services' such as Student Loan Doc Prep, Timeshare Companies, Travel Service Providers, Collection Agencies, Credit Repair Companies, or PC Tech Support Our credit, debit, EBT, mobile, and check programs make payments easier and more convenient for your customers and more secure for you.

We can also help you develop and market a customized gift card program to attract and retain new customers while strengthening your brand.

Retailers depend on more than payment acceptance tools to succeed. That is why we offer terminals and gateways that allow you to customize payment features and processing equipment to fit your needs, no matter whether you are accepting face-to-face payments or virtual ones.