High Risk Check21 ECheck Services

Credit and debit cards are everywhere, but many consumers still like to do business by writing checks. As a merchant, your need to process those transactions as efficiently as possible while protecting yourself from fraud or non-sufficient funds. Accept ACH and check payments with the industry’s highest level of protection against fraudulent and returned checks. HighRisk Payment Service uses leading risk assessment technology and extensive consumer negative activity databases to evaluate the risk of accepting a payment. We offer both Verification and Warranty Service options so you can determine the risk coverage level that is right for your organization.

  • Reduce transaction processing costs
  • Improve cash flow and operational efficiencies
  • Streamline back office operations
  • Reduce the risk of lost, stolen or damaged checks
  • Offer your customers a payment method they prefer
  • Protect your customers’ personal information from identity theft
  • Funds deposited electronically


When we talk about payment methods it is only a handful that we always think about. But that is not always the case. Though there are some payment methods that are commonly used by all, there are many more available especially when the payments are done through virtual terminals for payment online. If you wish to expand your business, if you are having your clients all over the world, then you should be flexible enough to include a variety of payment methods. Indeed the type of payment method chosen would depend a lot on the type of customer and the order value as well. Among the various payment methods echeck payment process is considered to be one of the riskiest.


Echeck is very common these days. You might have come across a lot of cases where the order did not happen simply because you did not have the provision to make a payment through echecks. So now is the time to act. Though the concept itself is not often understood properly, it is something that should not be ignored especially by the online merchants. When a payment happens through echeck a lot of work happens in the background. Your payment structure should be able to accommodate this.

ACH is the process through which the actual funds that are present in the customer’s funds are transferred automatically to the merchant’s account. Though the concept remains very much similar to a conventional check the process involved in the background varies. The customer or the client would offer an echeck and this would be digitally moved to the merchant’s account. So you should approach a suitable merchant account provider who would be able to set up an efficient echeck merchant account.


Echeck merchant accounts are not straightforward. They carry a lot of complications and this can cause several banks and credit card processors to back out even though they have the capabilities to handle such accounts. In some cases your credit card merchant account request might be rejected. In some cases the processing might be extended or dropped. In some rare cases your merchant account might later be shutoff due to background checks and underwriting work that might lead to a conclusion that it is a high risk account. This would lead to the funds being frozen and then you would have to hunt for another merchant account provider. An easier option would be to approach a high risk merchant account provider who also has a startup OK option and can assist startups with no credit history.

Traditional merchant accounts can help with the card payments. But not all of them would be able to process echeck processing through ACH – automated clearing house. You can start by checking with your existing merchant account provider if you would be able to convert the existing account to an echeck merchant account. Otherwise you always have the option to switch to those that offer both card payments and echeck processing in one merchant account so that it is easier to manage.

The application process is very simple and you would be assured that your business is future ready by being assured of ACH processing/Check processing feature availability in your merchant account. The actual rates vary by startup vs history in most cases. But the with no setup fees that are additionally required for the additional payment methods to be accepted, you would find this to be a more economic option. You also get to choose from domestic and offshore accounts based on the current pattern of transactions and the future plans of expanding.


When there are multiple payment processing methods allowed it would be more beneficial than you perceive. Limited payment methods is a major barrier that prevents order completions in most cases. Ecommerce industry flourishes with the help of several such online payment methods at the core. This not just makes it easy for the customers but also for the businesses. With lesser number of merchant accounts to track accounting becomes easier. This would help understand the pattern of income and expenditure of the company and can go a long way in helping the financial planning as well. All it takes is the right merchant account provider who would also be able to help set up a secure virtual terminal for all online payments.