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Payment Processing for Business Consultants

Merchant Accounts for Business and Financial Consultants, and Debt Reduction Services. If your job is to offer financial and business consultancy, or debt reduction services, then we are here to assist you in providing different payment solutions for your business. We provide merchant account solutions to virtually any high-risk business industries including those that deal in debt recovery systems and credit repair services. Here you will not only receive credit card processing solutions, but also provide assistance in preventing chargebacks which are often associated with high-risk financial businesses.

Today all companies, whether start-up or established, domestic as well as offshore merchant accounts rely on credit card processing facilities. Business and financial consulting are considered as high- risk businesses by traditional banking institutions. Hence applications for merchant accounts are shutoff by banks and financial institutions and they are denied payment processing accounts. Even in cases where a bank/ financial institution may offer payment gateways, the fees charged are quite inflated when compared to other businesses. This is because of the following reasons:

  • There is always the risk of heavy chargeback rates
  • A greater number of cancellations which are considered characteristic to this industry.

Despite their critical role, banks renegotiate agreements with consultants for the above reasons. We are a group who cater to many such high-risk businesses and provide merchant account services and secure payment processing gateways at competitive pricing, rates and fee charges. We thus, offer our assistance in helping your business expand without any undue impediments. Listed below are a few benefits which your business and financial consultancy services can enjoy when you open merchant accounts with us.

No Application or Setup Fees

We charge zero application fees and no setup fees. The quick and easy setup facilities we offer will help you receive payments and our portals are well-equipped to handle many financial transactions. Our application processing is very smooth and requires our prospective clients to furnish basic legal documentation, and website details.

  • We offer support 24- hour support and monitoring for all our merchant accounts and thereby ensure that complete security and privacy is maintained for all our client accounts.
  • We also offer protection from chargebacks and have our chargeback prevention policies in place to ensure the financial protection of our clients. We know that chargebacks are an inevitable part of the consultancy and debt recovery business. Hence, we provide customized solutions for our clients.
  • We help with check drafting and check processing as well. And we also accept card not present, and do check processing as well.
  • We extend our services to both start-up financial consultancy services as well as the established ones.
  • We offer secure online payment gateways for both domestic and offshore accounts.
  • We offer load balancing solutions and assist clients in dealing with a high volume of transactions which maybe essential to the growth of their businesses.
  • We offer billing and recurring billing facilities as well.
  • We offer reliable credit card restoration services for those consultancies and debt reduction services industries which have been denied/ shutoff by banks and other credit card processors.
  • We offer completely secure virtual terminals for our clients whose customers pay them using the card not present options as well.
  • ACH processing is also available as an option with us.
  • We help with card processing facilities like MasterCard, Visa, Amex etc., and all payments from these cards are accepted for processing.
  • We have two types of account requirements- minimum reserve requirements and rolling reserve requirements, which are very nominal and helps cater to the different requirements of consultancy services.

Start-ups and Established Consultancy Services

We cater to the new players as well as the established ones in this line of business. There is usually a difference in rates and fees charged for new consultancy services as against the old ones. This is because the new consultants are at a greater risk than the established ones. But there is no difference in the rates and fee charges we have for both types. Our rates and payment processing fee charges are reasonable and competitive.

Domestic Payment Processing Gateway and Offshore Accounts

Our rates slightly vary for the domestic and offshore merchant account payments processing. This is because of the inherent higher level of risk in the latter. We are a group who have been established players in catering to businesses that are traditionally classified as high-risk.We have serviced many hard to approve merchant accounts and are quite flexible in handling our clients’ payments. We have assisted and provided payment processing solutions for many successful consultants and debt recovery services, thereby contributing to the success of their businesses. We understand the requirements of our clients and you can always get in touch with our customer service executives to have many of your payment processing problems sorted out. Help us make a positive difference in your business deals with the help of our different merchant account services.