ATM Equipment Leasing

HighRisk Payment Service provides you with the highest quality of service, at the lowest available prices, in order to ensure you get the most profit from your transaction volume. Regardless of your business location (shopping mall, convenient store, nightclub, hotel, restaurant, etc.), we empower you to take control of your ATM program. You have the authority to maximize your potential earnings and realize the benefits of providing the convenience of an EMPIRE ATM at your location!

In today’s competitive business environment customers expect the convenience of an ATM machine at the local business locations they frequent. Providing a customized professional ATM program at your establishment you will increase your customer patronage and loyalty. By not providing this service however, you could not only be losing customers, you could also be losing an easy source of revenue. In fact research conducted by ATM Marketplace indicates that in-store sales increase by as much as 20% – 25% with an on-site ATM.