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Payment Processing for Adult Goods & Services

Merchant Account for Strip Clubs, Gentlemans Clubs, Sexually Oriented Clubs, Adult Travel Companies, Clothing Optional Events and Tickets Adult entertainment Clubs – Ideal for Online Business and Pleasure. Banks and credit card processing companies consider adult entertainment, clubs and online adult websites, etc. as high-risk businesses and do not give them any kind of credit. Such companies are labelled as high risk companies as there are too many chargeback claims in this particular line of business. Financial institutions do not want to be associated with a company that is adult oriented. It has both the financial and image related implications. All types and orientations approved including Dom/Sub, Domme, S&M, Straight, Lesbian, Gay, Straight, LGBT, Strippers, Cam Girls, Erotic Entertainment Clubs, Events, Erotic Travel, Nudist Camps, Sex Toys, Escorts, Companons Everything and Everyone approved!

These are high volume businesses and have a lot of potential. But due to legal restrictions and lack of support from financial institutions, they are forced to use offshore merchant accounts. There is one more aspect to this, as this is a luxury business and people feel reluctant to spend their money. So sometimes they pay for a subscription and want it back later when they do not feel good about it. These chargebacks create a big part of the risk. Another risk factor is the scenario of card not present during the transaction. Due to all these reasons, such business ventures are deemed to be riskier.

Ecommerce / Virtual Terminal Online Merchant

We all know that now most of the financial transactions take place online. The business uses a virtual terminal with an online shopping card. Customers can pay online from their accounts or use a card that is not physically present. We also realize that there are many risk factors associated with these accounts. So, many of these accounts are Denied/Shutoff/closed by Other Credit Card Processors / First Data, PayPal.

Are you planning to start your own exclusive adult membership club online or in the physical world? Then you will need the appropriate merchant account. We are a financial services company who provide help to overcome lack of financial assistance under any of these conditions. Our rates are competitive with other companies working in the same area. If you are a new business,then we are the right service providers for you. If you are just starting, then you want an expert who understands all the requirements. You want a company that is friendly and that understands your exclusive needs. Furthermore, you want a company that has experience to provide all the professional guidance that you need.

Domestic USA Payment Gateway & Offshore Merchants

We provide both domestic and offshore options and domestic accounts will be charged at lower rate of interest are safer. But the clubs for adults are better off with offshore accounts due to legal restrictions. There are many things unique to these clubs. They have a recurring payment system due to the membership system. We, therefore, provide a system that helps in payment through a recurring system. We also facilitate a free set up, which is really important. You need a virtual terminal and payment gateways that work smoothly and make the customers feel comfortable.

You must carefully read the contract to understand the fine print before you sign it. You should know everything about their chargeback rates and rolling reserve requirements. But our company has one of the easiest policies and lowest charges in the industry. Your system can accept payments through all kinds of debit and credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex. All payment gateways Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix, Magento, BigCommerce, NMI,, USAEPAY, Volusion, and 3DCart, etc. are compatible.

Though most service companies charge low rates of interest for low risk companies and normally avoid high risk companies. But we do provide the complete spectrum of services, at very competitive rates, even to the high risk companies like yours. We are experts in providing fast set-up, easy installation, secure gateways for payments, lowest rates, no application fee and no set up fee. You can see that the process and the rates and services provided, make us the best service company in the arena of merchant account. On one hand, it is difficult to get financial affiliation from one bank and even if you have managed to get it then at times they also stop payments due to some restrictions or issues, then the business may lose a big chunk of its client base or may also become bankrupt. To avoid all these situations, we ensure that multiple banks underwrite for the high risk companies.

Echeck & Check Processing Also Available

Similarly, check payments take time to come into the accounts. This may lead to frauds and at times a very long delay. So we also facilitate ACH Processing/ Check with electronic check conversion. You can present the check virtually through a faster and secure process. This ensures that the money is accessible sooner and the risk of frauds is also reduced. Check Drafting is another facility that we provide. We provide all the payment processing facilities for recurring billing through the virtual gateways and the customers feel happy that their payments happen smoothly even when the credit card is not present.

Best Options for Your XXX Erotic Business Model

You can see that we are the right choice for your business due to our experience in this industry for membership clubs. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide the customized solution and guidance for the success of your merchant account.